Born in The Netherlands, Esther discovered photography late in live after a career in social work. After an expat move to Chicago USA in 2017, she experiences freedom to create without protocol. That was the start of an artist life. She found herself in modern abstract art by using photography.


Her work is about balance between abstraction and reality. Using images of her surrounding, she constructs a new abstract world. Unseen elements get a new purpose and identity due to separation and a new context. Digital layers, used as a whole or in pieces, are combined in a clear or transparent way to create depth and new visions on what’s already there. 

Balanced multiplied elements end up as a composition based on feeling and as an unforeseen result. There is no given narrative, people are invited to have their own perception and emotion with each artwork. With references left behind, Esther offers a new abstract representation of reality. A recycled world!


Esther van Puffelen

Originally from Delft, The Netherlands but currently living in Chicago USA


2013-2016 Photography

School of Photography Statief, Utrecht

2013  Photography basics

Chicago Photography Acadamy, Chicago

1994-2012 Social Work and Psychology 

Utrecht/ Leiden



Emerging artist, working on first collections

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